Penguin Plans


Penguin Plans are available here.  They can be printed on a large printer. 


The full size plan  sizes are

Sheet 1:  111 cm x 137.5 cm

Sheet 2 : 86 cm x 61 cm

Sheet 3: 96 cm x 61 cm

Sheet 4: 67 cm x 61 cm



Link to pdf files

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Construction Aid Notes

Construction Memorandum

Self Rescue Study plan

Self rescue Construction Plan


In 2014/2015 a project was undertaken to develop a set of plans for the Penguin that could be fabricated from CNC cut plywood panels.  Naval Architect Mauro Petrini was commissioned to develop a set of plans for a self-rescuing wooden Penguin.

The files are provided here, with the exception of two of the  .dwg files which I wasn’t able to link properly.  If you need those files, please send a request to



Petrini CAD Penguin plan files (links) reconnected 8/5/2020

Cutting Code R3


Modern Penguin Cutting file  (these are .dwg files – not able to link at this time)

Penguin Lines – AutoCAD file


Penguin Lines – Adobe Acrobat File


Modern Penguin Weight Calculation – (.xlsx)

Modern Penguin Weight Calculation – 1 (.xlsx)