Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the International Penguin Class Dinghy Association

8/17/2017  - Severn Sailing Association, Annapolis, MD

Meeting called to order at 15:55

Roll call of fleets: 1 Potomac, 15 Oxford, 80 Skokie (by proxy)

Officer’s reports: Treasurer (Sandy Rapp) and Secretary (Mike Hecky) were not in attendance. 
Finances for the period ending December 2016 indicate 31 paid members.  Total income of $1410 with $775 from dues and $635 from sale of Class owned parts.  Expenses for 2016 were $437.

No report from executive vice president (Bill Lawson).

President’s report.  Membership currently stands at 29 dues paid for 2017.  8 members from 2016 have not renewed their membership yet.  11 from 2015. 

Old Business: no old business

New Business:  Discussion about venue for next year’s Internationals and how to increase participation.  Suggestion to approach Gibson Island was one possibility.  Difficult to find a venue that will host a stand-alone event for 8 – 12 boats  (we have averaged 12 boats over the past five years with a high of 15 and a low, this year, of 8.)  Reasons cited this year for some who did not attend were lack of crew, work conflicts, family obligations (weddings, etc.) and fear of heights – apparently the Bay Bridge is too high for some flightless Penguins.

Jonathan Bartlett suggested hosting a junior only regatta with current owners loaning their boats to juniors.  There was general discussion about this and how to encourage growth in the Class.

Election of Officers: slate

Charlie Krafft – President, Bill Lawson – Executive Vice-President, Chris Conway – Secretary, Sandy Rapp – Treasurer. 

The slate was unanimously approved. 

Thanks to outgoing Secretary Mike Hecky for his many years of service.

Meeting was adjourned at 16:24.